21 november 2013

Lifestyle, shoplogs and waffles

I had quite a busy time but it also amazing. I went shopping at IKEA and also have a few new lippies, so not really the shoplog I usualy would write a post about. I also got 1 of my 4 my wisdom tooths pulled, not something I would post photo's about either and I also went to the premiere of Thor: the Dark World the other day but even though I would love too, a review about a movie isn't really my type of thing either. I got second in a game and won a MASSIVE prize (I'll write a post about it as soon as I recieve it) and last evening the Kruidvat had a massive sale, every make up, mix 'n match - second for free!

I don't come very often at Ikea, a shame, I'm aware of that. But that happens, I didn't bought much, I had a few things I wanted and I ended up, not buying all of it because it didn't fit to my expectations or was simply sold out. I ended up buying: Svajs clothes cover, Ekby bjärnum bracket (yes only 1, in the sale, so someone might hate me for that) a Bygel Rail and 10 S-hooks. But most imprtantly, I had a waffle, and it was a bloody good waffle.

And ofcourse some make up: Revlon Colorburst lipgloss #042 Bellini, Calvin Klein Delicious Pout - Breathless, Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme lipstick - #123 henna and an aluminum spray bottle which I bought at Big Bazar.

At the Kruidvat I only bought what I also needed which was: Catrice All Matt plus shine control powder (030 Warm Beige), L'oreal Nude Magique eau de teint faundation (110 warm Ivory), Maybelline Fit Me! anti-shine foundation stick (115 Ivory) and a Catrice eye Brow Stylist pencil (020 Date With Ash-Ton)
I managed to save €17,23 so yes I end up paying only €17,23 for the lot.
If anyone is interested in a review, please let me know about what product below in the comments!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik krijg honger van die wafel foto!
    Ben benieuwd hoe goed de Fit Me stick werkt. xox

  2. Die wafel ziet er zó lekker uit jammie!
    ps. ik heb een winactie op mijn blog ! Neem je ook een kijkje ? www.lifeofnessah.blogspot.nl

  3. leuke aankopen,ik ben benieuwd naar de L 'oreal Nude magique eau te teint faundation :P


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