22 november 2013

Thorthunderstrike contest: second place!

So from 31 october till november 11th, I played a game called Thorthunderstrike which was a contest. For 12 days. Including a lot of Red Bull, coffee and sleepless nights I managed to end up being second. 20 november Disney mailed me about it and so I won the second prize with a score of 195870 points which was a Blu-Ray player & the Marvel Avengers collection box.
Now as a true Marvel fan I already have all of the dvd's so I'm currently selling mine and I'm keeping the blu ray box Instead. Ofcourse I also saw Thor: The Dark World in theaters on the premiere so I'm absolutely thrilled.

I must say that in the beginning the game was very addictive and fun, halfway through Marvel posted the current top 10 (since you didn't know what position you had when you were in the top 10) and I had the third place. And at the end I had enough and I only tried keeping my score at it's highest.

But, obviously I have no regrets and I'm one very, very, very happy and not to mention lucky girl.

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