17 juni 2015

Vintage: Dusty Green

I've been quite busy changing my interior. Some furniture leaves while others get a make over. It does take time since pinterest has made me quite picky. But I have found the perfect colour paint, in a small shop I've passed a thousand times already, thinking it had nothing to offer. 

27 oktober 2014

Halloween Zombie Nail Art

Due a busy schedule I haven't been exactly active. However, now that Halloween and other holidays is coming up, I'm extremely motitvated to post because I have actually stuff to post about.

Now, I made some Halloween before and I even made Iron Fist zombie nail art before [post] yet, for Halloween I wanted to do it again, but different and this time on my nails ofcourse.

What I've used:
Essence Colour & Go 106 Free Hugs (note: I added orange nail polish to the bottle to make it a sweeter pink)
Hema 56
Kiss nail art striper black and white

I also didn't use topcoat because I kind of liked the texture the way it is. If you have beautilish, give it a like, a follow, or don't. But if you do, it can be seen here: http://www.beautylish.com/f/rpvuquj/iron-fist-zombie-nail-art

10 februari 2014


So I recently started a new instagram account. A new one? Yes, yes indeed. I regret being too enthousiastic with the filters and it had a overall messy look, I know that sounds a bit strange but then again, so am I.

1. Essie: where's my chauffeur, it's my absolute favorite nail polish.
2. I don't eat doughnuts that often but I saw them in while doing the groceries. I was hungry, they stared at me so I bought them, and for a short amount of time I felt like Homer Simpson.
3. I actually threw put this on the bed for when I came out of the shower and I just loved how the colours matched (yes, not ever photo has a great background story)
4. I always feel the urge to draw... in the middle of the night so I did, I played around with some watercolour and I always like to share my work.
5. I finished working at 10:30 and I had so much energy I just needed to do something so I made some scones.
6. And after the scones I started to make tealights at well, a lot, but the other ones were much bigger and were still drying so didn't take a photo at that moment yet.
7. After being outside in the cold for a long time I felt like I really wanted a warm drink, and chocolate, I always want chocolate so had I hazelnut latte and chocolate truffles.
8. I needed a more recent profile pic so I took a selfie, that's it.
9. And the last one, at 2:30 I felt a sudden need to draw which for some reason always appears somewhere in the night.

So that was a quick post about my new instagram account, feel free to follow me at instagram.com/sokellay

2 februari 2014

Recipe Oliebollen

Today I decided to make some oliebollen (translated oil balls) which was also my first try. I really wanted to try this because even though it's usually eaten with new years eve or on fairs, I want to be able to eat them any other time of the year because they are so... DELICIOUS. And oke, the kitchen looked like there was an explosion, ofcourse I thought it would be easier, some were undercooked, some had a ridulous shape and it was overall a messy job. However it was fun, they were delicious and I'll definitly give this a try again soon and hope it will work out better.

You can find the recipe here: http://dutchfood.about.com/od/breadspastriescookies/r/Oliebollen.htm

29 januari 2014

DIY Easy Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub

For those who are following me for a long while, know I actually had a DIY Lush dupe on my blog before. However I decided to do it all over again but much easier. Now don't get me wrong I love Lush, but I really hate their prices. I know a lot of people that can't afford it and a lot of people don't have a Lush store around the corner either.
So I came up with a very easy and inexpensive recipe to create identical lipscrub, one that looks like it, smells like it and taste like it.

21 januari 2014

Thrift shopping & selfmade tealights

So today I went to the local thrift shop, I was actually looking for something else but I didn't left empty handed. For 20 cents I had damaged candles and a planter with a yellow tone. The great thing about melting down candles is, you can do anything with it, give it your own colour by using crayons, (I used a bit of blue and green) and add a fragrence of your choice.

13 januari 2014

Mario mushroom nail art

So while I was playing Mario Kart on the wii the other day, I was wondering myself, why I never did any nailart for this? It's not hard, so why not?

So while watching 'Shutter Island' I took my time to do it, let it dry properly and trying to do a neat job.

What I've used:
Essie; Where's My Chauffeur
Catrice 060; Bloody Mary To Go
Lemax Striper; White
Kiss Striper; Black
Max topcoat

View on beautylish: http://www.beautylish.com/f/nziivp/mario-mushroom-nailart