17 oktober 2013

DIY: aged wood with vinegar and steel wool

I have quite a lot of wood in my room but in general, everything is either white, grey or it's dark coloured wood. Now I might love this stool but the wood just doesn't match with the rest. So I've tried a quite popular technique, which is the vinegar/steel wool solution. It smells absolutely horrible but it's quite fun to do it, it's low budget and the results are great.

I've used 3 pads of steel wool and a rustic nail (to speed up the process)
The longer you let it soak in the vinegar, the darker the effect. I let it sit for 2 days.

Make sure the wood is sanded first and test it on a small bit.
You can also experiment with tea, different type of woods and let it dry indoors or let it dry in sunlight. That way you can create grey, dark brown, black, red, copper and many other shades. Just add it to the vinegar solution.

Now this only works with natural woods, so if you got a white painted cabinet you've got to strip the paint first, also make sure there's no coating or glue.

Apply everthing at once (or you will get stains) with a brush or rub it in with a towel. In the end I've used a total of 3 coats.

I'm quite happy the way it turned and I'm currently experimenting with some type of woods and tea solutions as well. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Jeetje, ziet er echt heel tof uit! Ik ga je even volgen, vind je blog heel tof!


  2. Het ziet er leuk uit ik ga je ook volgen! vind je goed schrijven en je artikels zijn leuk!

    Liefs, Jet

  3. oeh leuke blog!!



  4. Geeft net even een andere uitstraling, mooi hoor! Fijn dat 'ie nu wat meer in je interieur past :)


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