8 oktober 2013

HALLOWEEN DIY: hot glue dripping blood necklace

As promised I have my first Halloween post. A DIY tutorial on how to make a dripping blood necklace by using a hot glue gun. I already made two and it's actually quite simple and fun to do it. Read more to see the full DIY.

What you need:
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Clear plastic tray (cd case)
Red nail polish
Spray Bottle with cold water.

1. Draw your idea on paper and tape it on the inside of the tray.

2.  Spray the surface with cold water to prevent the hot glue from getting attached to the plastic .Use the hot glue gun to trace the stencil and let it cool down.

3. Remove it from the plastic and cut away glue strings and mistakes.

Use a thick layer of red nailpolish to paint it (nail polish is thicker and makes it easy to hide the uneven bits) and let it dry. Make two holes on each side and attach to the necklace and voila!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Supergaaf! Leuk voor halloween. Denk je dat het ook werkt met gewone lijm?

    Liefs, invisiblecreations.nl

    1. Om eerlik te zijn ik heb geen idee, je zou het kunnen proberen!

  2. Haha wat cool! Hoe ben je nou op dit idee gekomen? :D

  3. Wat super leuk en goed bedacht! Zou ik zelf nooit op zijn gekomen!



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