17 juni 2015

Vintage: Dusty Green

I've been quite busy changing my interior. Some furniture leaves while others get a make over. It does take time since pinterest has made me quite picky. But I have found the perfect colour paint, in a small shop I've passed a thousand times already, thinking it had nothing to offer. 

So I've got myself 2 cans and this, plain plant stand. I've painted it lightly and it really has this chalky look. I'm also working on making concrete candle holders and othere things where this paint comes in handy. This paint can also be purchased here.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuk kleurtje! Haha omg ik herkende 'kellay' van knt vroeger en daar herken ik je gezicht nog van ook. Erg leuke blog heb je!

  2. This looks so cute, make something pastel and it's cute!


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