14 september 2013

Refashion: Dye

As promised I have a few pictures of 1 of the current upcycle projects.
Quite funny how it started, I dyed my hair weeks ago and accidentally spilled some drops of hairdye on this white blouse. So I washed it several times with Vanish and everything but it refused to come out. So I just decided to dye half the blouse to recover the spots with hair dye as well. Well obviously, that worked out just fine.

I bought this sweater in the sale, I loved it but once I tried it on at home and got reminded why I don't have yellow coloured clothes, it simply doesn't suit my skin at all. So I dyed this one "blue" as well

Which turned out to be a seafoam colour. I absolutely love it. I'm also going to do something with either the back or shoulders, still figuring out between two options.

I also have another cream coloured blouse lying here and concidering dying those as well.

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