13 september 2013

5 ways to refashion

We all have these old clothes we love but can't throw away, clothes we bought but never wear, clothes that could use that little extra or maybe you just want to be unique. But making your own fashionable clothes is not only fun, it's also cheap and doesn't require much skills.

1. Bleached denim
Bleached denim has returned which is a good thing. Dip dye or splatters are a cheap way to pimp your denim.

2. Exposed zippers
Adding zippers may require some sewing skills or a handy mum but can make the simpelest clothes look unique and playfull. Add colourful zippers on the back of a grey top or add zippers on the side of your jeans.

3. Add lace
Adding lace is a great way to resize your too small clothes, simply cut it and add lace in between. Ofcourse any other fabric can be used as well.

4. Ombre
The ombre trend still hits us, since it doesn't only look good, it's cheap and easy to do it yourself as well. You can use fabric paint or bleach for coloured clothes.

5. Pocket pimp
Spice up the pockets of your jeans or top by adding studs, lace or replace the pocket by a different coloured fabric.

Now ofcourse I'm currently working with some of these fun upcycle projects as well and for that I am paying a weekly visit to the thrift shops for fabric and other materials. Post with the results will be up soon.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben benieuwd naar het resultaat! Zeker op je blog zetten!! X

  2. Leuk artikel en ben benieuwd naar het resultaat :) Liefs

  3. Leuk! Vooral de pocket pimp en add lace vind ik mooi (:
    Benieuwd naar de resultaten van jezelf!

    Liefs, Liese
    Cats & Dresses

  4. Superleuke ideeen! Ben erg benieuwd!



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