16 september 2013

HOW TO: Fix shattered powder

Cotton pads are a great way to prevent your powder or eyeshadow from cracking when you're on the go. However, it doesn't help when you accidentally drop it and sadly this happens to me on a daily base. Still no need to panic or throw away your eyeshadow because there is an easy way to fix this in a few simple steps.

1. Crush into a very fine powder.
2. Add a few drops of alcohol to the powder. The more you add the longer it takes to dry.
3. Smooth the mixture with a spoon.
4. It's important to give it enough time to dry, don't put it in the sun or near the heating or else it might crack.
5. Ready for use.

TIP: Adding a bit of parfume to the alcohol can reduce the alcohol smell.

Adding a few drops of alcohol also works for dry gel eyeliner and cream eyeshadows.

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