29 september 2013

HOW TO: Clean your make up brushes

Even though washing your make-up brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine, still most girls don't do it often enough. Bristles get filled with old makeup, dirt, oil, germs, and bacteria each time you use them which can lead to clogged pores.

Now to prevent this I have an easy way to show how to clean your brushes properly using rubbing alcohol & baby shampoo. Now, baby shampoo is very gentle and it also prevents from drying out your (expensive) brushes. However the mistake everyone makes is that is does NOT disinfect, therefor we also use rubbing alcohol as well.

Step 1: Begin by rinsing out the brushes under running water. To keep your brushes from falling appart always prevent water from settling into the ferrule (the metal part) since water can cause to loosen the glue.

Put a small amount of baby shampoo in a bowl and make circle movements to make sure the shampoo is in the bristle itself as well, or else only the outside get's clean. Place the bristle in your handpalm and make circle movement while the water is running. Repeat, if necesarry.

Step 4: Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a glass and let the brushes soak for 5-10 minutes. Once again, make sure the ferrule does not get in touch with the alcohol. After soaking give it a quick rinse again.

Step 5: Apply the baby shampoo, gently massage the shampoo into the bristles, this get's rid of the alcohol smell and prevents from drying out your brushes. Rinse under running water until water runs clear.

Step 6: Let it dry.

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